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Netscape Internet Service offers Canadians affordable Internet access complete with email services, personal home page hosting and web acceleration over dial-up. Web acceleration technology allows customers to surf the Internet at speeds of up to five times faster than they could over a standard dial-up connection using a 56 Kbps modem. Netscape Internet Service allows members to use the leading web browsers and email applications of their choice.

Netscape is a business unit of Time Warner's America Online Inc. Netscape products and services are designed to help customers navigate the Internet simply and safely.

Internet Service

Join Netscape Internet Service for as low as $13.95/month for unlimited access or $18.95/month for an accelerated Internet dial experience much lower than the price of broadband DSL or cable.

Information Portal

Visit Netscape.ca for daily news, convenient tools and services including Netscape Music with over 100 Internet radio stations, Maps and direction information from Mapquest™, Calendar and Netscape Search powered by Google™. Visit Netscape.qc.ca for French-language daily news and content.

Free Software

Download the Netscape 8 web browser.

* 19 times faster than a dial-up connection using a 56K modem. ** Communication charges may apply.

Netscape is a registered trademark used under license and the Netscape logo is a trademark used under license. ©2006 AOL Canada Inc. All rights reserved.