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For more information on our products or to get assistance in signing-up for Netscape Internet Service, please call Member Services at 1-866-NETSCAPE (1-866-638-7227).

Online Help Centre (FAQ's)   Netscape Internet Service Help Centre answers your Frequently Asked Questions about the Netscape Internet Service.
Member Services Support   Contact Netscape Member Services at
1-866-NETSCAPE (1-866-638-7227)
My Account   To update your personal and billing information, change your email settings and password, check usage statistics, invoices and statements.
Software Download Support   Download and install the latest version of Netscape Accelerated Internet Service Software.
Web Mail Login   Read or send Netscape Internet Service email from anywhere (for accounts with the domain @netscape.ca only).
Setting up your Email   Get instructions for setting up your POP3 format email in Outlook, Outlook Express or other email program.

These tools provide support for existing Netscape Internet Service members.

* 19 times faster than a dial-up connection using a 56K modem. ** Communication charges may apply.

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